We all have the natural capacity to change and grow

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Change is all about us and also within us. As a therapist I am always taken by those who come into counselling looking for change. Those who seek counselling know at some level things are not what they should be and changes are needed. The type of change varies among people, for some change may be small and others large. Some may involve shifts in behaviors, attitudes, or addition of skills, while others are weighing life changes around careers, relationships or freeing themselves from personal demons. Most have not entered the need for change lightly, as it comes on the heels of trouble and chaos. However at the center of change is a spark that things should be different and the need to make it so. It is about this spark within all of us and the subsequent change in all of its’ forms that will be the focus of this blog. My intention is to provide a reflective stance and discussion and in doing so give light to the natural capacity to change within all of us.

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