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The natural capacity to change is within all of us. Yet for some when they embark on change, they fail to see their capacity to be an agent for change. They believe the struggles or chaos are the agent of change and that they are being lead to change. Change to these people is similar to one who moves out of the way of a speeding car to avoid being run over. They hold beliefs that the situation was extreme and change resulted so as to lessen harm. Or perhaps they hold beliefs that they were unable to create change and as a result required therapy. They do not see that their ability to change is within themselves. They fail to connect with their internal ability to create change; as well, they fail to connect with their ability to draw on some aspect of themselves to make change. Rather these individuals focus on the external process of what needs to be changed. In doing so, they fail to see their own internal process for change and their own natural capacity to change.

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