My goal is to assist individuals by connecting with their natural capacity to change and grow.

 I believe those seeking counselling have come to some realization of need for change and are seeking compassion, support and guidance in their desire for personal growth and well-being.  The focus of my clinical work is to overcome the emotional, relational, and social and professional loses  individuals  face by providing an opportunity to change patterns of behaviors, recurrent thoughts, destructive attitudes and negative feelings.  My role is to understand the individual unique self that is apart from their challenges and be present in the client’s exploration of their issues, their ability to find resolutions and foster deep personal growth.


My area of expertise is addictions, depression and trauma. Based on my deep respect for an individual’s personal wisdom and their natural capacity to change and grow, I offer a relationship that is open, trusting and professional.  My role is to work collaboratively with individuals to overcome challenges, struggles and obstacles and to help improve mental, emotional and physical health while encouraging positive relationships with self, others and the larger community. I do this by helping individuals to gain new understandings/insights, develop effective skills, assist in problem solving and to change behavior patterns.  Through well informed clinical practices and techniques, I work with clients around their natural capacity to find solutions which are true to them, preferred and free of the binds of addictions, depression and trauma.

I have been in the helping field in various capacities over the last 30 years and have been a therapist for twenty years. I find working with people a source of tremendous professional satisfaction and feel privileged to journey aside someone in their quest for well-being and personal growth.

Are you ready to take the first step? Call Sandy today at 604-762-1981.    Day and evening sessions available Tuesday and Thursday from 11am to 8pm.

Sandy holds a Masters of Arts in Counselling Psychology and is a Registered Clinical Counsellor through BC Association of Registered Clinical Counsellors.  She is also a retired International Certified Drug and Alcohol Counsellor through the Canadian Addiction Counsellors Certification Federation.  She has been approved to provide counselling services for those who qualify and have been approved for Crime Victims Assistance Program.  Sandy will be glad to assist you to determine if counselling may be covered.


Just a little note to tell you how very much I have appreciated all your support in these past few months.
Your encouragement, humor, guidance have been invaluable.  You have made a big difference in this journey.
You will always be remembered.  Thanks for being you.  -R.

Sandy, where to begin… thank you, thank you, thank you, its been a slice.
You have helped my find a place in life that is much more peaceful.
I will miss you but I know it is time to move on.
Thank you again, you have touched my being, my soul, my person….
To help me grown and find my way. -M.

You have been a great source in my life.
So supportive, helpful, nurturing, insightful, caring, wise.
Never judging and always a warm smile. -Y.

Thank you for all of your hard work.
I know you are just doing your job but you are really good at it.
I thank you for helping my and my family through this hard time in our lives. -R.