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The natural capacity to change is within all of us. Yet for some when they embark on change, they fail to see their capacity to be an agent for change. They believe the struggles or chaos are the agent of change and that they are being lead to change. Change to these people is similar […]

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Change starts within us and rests on our natural capacity to change.

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My curiosity is about the spark which leads us to make changes that are within us all. It is a part of our human capacity and begins with a want or a desire. Yet to make change for some, seems like the impossible task while others can do it with ease. Some can do it […]

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We all have the natural capacity to change and grow

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Change is all about us and also within us. As a therapist I am always taken by those who come into counselling looking for change. Those who seek counselling know at some level things are not what they should be and changes are needed. The type of change varies among people, for some change may […]

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Welcome to Sandy Miller Counselling. It’s been a great summer. My new website and blog was launched and I look forward to connecting with you more. I have offices servicing Burnaby, New West and the Tri-Cities areas in British Columbia. How can I help?

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